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The Self Mechanic & Energy Fields Whisperer

Hi, I am Filip Dedi

I do different programs of management consulting, business education, leadership training, sales coaching and stress management. Many good people can also do that.

On the other hand, there is much more to it than meets the eye: I can see, read and -- if appropriate -- change that invisible world too. And that is really rare talent.

With me, it's all WYSIWYG. Here I write as I speak, in English, although it is not my mother tongue.

My team

My experts team

What I do often looks like a fast track to insight and changes. You still can benefit greatly by spending some time to understand and process all that information. My team facilitates that: a selected international team of experts can empower and support your business, professional career, overall well-being, and much more.

How we do it: application and real life cases

Below are six main areas of business and professional use of Self Mechanics. For the application in your private life, click here.


How you can increase your bottom line by taking care of invisible business

Companies and Corporations

Large multinational corporations have a soul too: profits from the other side

Teams, groups and organizations

Self Mechanics insight: a fast track to high performance teams, groups and organizations

Offices, houses, and buildings

How your invisible office, house, shop, bar or apartment can improve your business and life

Individual career

How talking to your inner Success Self can boost your business, professional career and sex life

Programmed and energized music

Use your unfair advantage: cash in on the programmed and energized music

Products and services

Twelve main products and services are covering different areas of business and professional use of Self Mechanics. For private use, click here.

Business persona analysis

Establishing contact with and analysis of the business consciousness or persona.

Team insight and optimization

Big picture and more insight help with optimizing teams: putting right people in the right positions.

Mental and energy building maintenance

Checking energy and spiritual status of offices, buildings, houses, shops, casinos, caffés, etc.

Dedi in your corner

I will be your energy support in the invisible world while working on deals, projects, etc.

Ongoing mental and spiritual support

A constant energy, mental and spiritual support for your business, corporation or organization.

Programmed background music

Sounds and music programmed and energized for more sales, more customers, better business, etc.

Self Mechanic Books

Some of the books - published in plain English - on exploring energy fields and the invisible world.

Management consulting

Helping businesses and organizations to improve their performance and increase bottom line.

Leadership training

Making a leader who is capable of developing powerful, positive and compelling vision.

Stress management

Stress is normal reaction to the demands of everyday life: how to use it and not to be used?

Freestyle individual session

Custom individual work solutions.

Freestyle group session

Bespoke group work solutions.


Don't trust me: find out what my clients say ...


Monica J Griffith testimonial.
Filip has a unique gift and the ability to 'see' what is blocking success! He is caring, compassionate, well-spoken and incredibly knowledgeable. Filip has provided me with a shift in mindset, allowing and empowering me toward greater clarity and success. It is my privilege to recommend Mr Filip Dedi.

    Monica J Griffith, USA   LinkedIn  

Kim Hoyer testimonial.
Filip Dedi is dedicated to helping others heal energy blocks and live more aligned lives. My experience with Dedi was amazing. Shortly after working with him, a block I had with money was released and job opportunities started flowing my way. I believe the work he does will benefit everyone, as we all have energy blocks. I highly recommend his services!!

Kim Hoyer, USA   JourneyEvolve   LinkedIn   Facebook


Sandra Camacho testimonial.
Filip truly has a gift to see what the hidden cause is behind the "symptoms" that are manifesting in one's life. He saw something about me that even most closest loved ones would never have guessed! He helped me release a block that was contributing to a very challenging interpersonal dynamic. Right after Filip worked with me I was able to master and resolve the situation with ease. I highly recommend Filip's work.

Sandra Camacho, USA   Inner Wealth   LinkedIn  

Helenka Madjarevic testimonial.
My two consultations with Dedi, for two different reasons, have brought me an effective and lasting change. His ability to detect, see and feel the energy of the root cause of a problem or an energy blockage, and remove it quickly, are the key determinants of his successful intervention.

Helenka Madjarevic, Canada   Facebook


Danielle Kort testimonial.
My session with Dedi was profound. First of all, Dedi gets right to the meat of any issue you have going on in your energy field so he won’t waste any of your time, which I really appreciated. He’s here to help you clear away the crap, and replace it with much better things, not to hand-hold or counsel you. Yet he does have a warm, kind presence.

    Danielle Kort, USA   Danielle Kort Coaching   LinkedIn

Tanja Kosec testimonial.
For years I was doing yoga, meditation and other ways of self-exploration with some success, yet since working with Dedi I feel like I have an unfair advantage. With his insight and help, I can quickly get to the bottom of any issue (I call it "the click"). Also, only now with Dedi's help I can recognize certain things to be the absolute truth (for me, at least).

    Tanja Kosec, Slovenia   YouTube   LinkedIn


Asha Mankowska testimonial.
I was really impressed with Filip's gift and knowledge. The information he provides for his clients can help to identify the cause of any hidden obstacles or lack of desired results they experience at the moment. This clarity can definitely help to overcome difficulties and achieve success much quicker after his "intervention".
Filip's unique quality is that he is dedicated to his clients and their success. Very efficiently he gets to the core of the issues and can assist in putting your action back on track. I would highly recommend Filip Dedi to anyone that wants to achieve real success!

Asha Mankowska, USA   LinkedIn

Annette Segal testimonial.
Dedi's work is powerful and profound, opening possibilities to explore hindrances and hidden obstacles to stepping fully into your life. During my first session, and without any prior contact with Dedi, I was surprised what he found in my inner world, and that I easily recognized as manifesting in my life.
He was also able to go behind the visible symptoms of one unwanted situation in my life, get to its source in the invisible world and change it for the better. This inner change, coupled with appropriate actions, gave me more peace and I felt empowered and curious to see how this played out in my life.

    Annette Segal, USA   The Valiant Group   LinkedIn


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